[Festivals]Okuri Bon / Bonden - 送り盆まつり/ぼんでん

[By car]About 6 minutes from Yokote Central Hotel to ●Janosaki-kawara(蛇の崎川原), one of the venue of Okuri Bon ●Asahiokayama-Jinja shrine(旭岡山神社), one of the venue of Bonden

[Photo - Left ]Okuri Bon - August
Starting with the bon-odori dances, the festival reaches its climax the following the day when houseboats are floated.
It is said that this festival started in the mid Edo era, after "the Tenmei-no-daikikin"(great Tenmei famine).
People floated boats in Janosaki-kawara to pray for the souls of dead;victims of the famine.

[Photo - Right ]Bonden - February
The Lunar New Year event that has about 300 years of history.
It is a brave festival that young men are in full play.
Their parades to Asahiokayama-Jinja shrine are speedy and bravely, and they show off the gorgeousness of Bonden decoration.

* The goal of Google map below is "Asahiokayama-Jinja shrine".