[Autumn Only]"Shunsai - Kaiseki", full of autumn blessings

It is a set meal contains many ingredients of autumn season.
Matsutake; high-class mushroom, chesnut, ginkgo, pear・・・Enjoy autumn blessings here !

●Six dishes and coffee ¥4,800
●Reservation required by the day before, noon

Menu - Hors d'oeuvre, soup, fish, meats; beef steak, rice dish, dessert
◆栗豆腐 海老黄身寿し 白身魚西京小串焼 花蓮根 松茸時雨煮
◆透かし木の葉 旬の魚盛り合わせ 妻物一式 山葵
◆牛ロースステーキ パートブリック包
◆木の子雑炊 木の子色々 玉子 浅月