Breakfast is one of the pleasure of hotel staying.
Please enjoy Japanese and Western buffet style breakfast with plenty of local ingredients.


Price: 1,000 yen per person (tax not included)
Menu: Buffet with Japanese and Western meals
Hours: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Last entry 9:00 AM)
Location: "Restaurant Chambord", first floor

◆Guests staying in a hotel : If your package plan is without breakfast
・Elementary school students to Adults / 800yen per person (tax not included)
・Children 4 to 6 years old / 600 yen per person (tax not included)
・Children under 3 years old / free of charge

◆Guests not staying - Breakfast only
・1,000 yen per person (tax not included)

Recommended Menu

Here we introduce you dishes unique to Akita or us, Yokote Central Hotel.
Please find them from the buffet stand ... If you do not find them, please do not hesitate to ask us.
We are so happy to guide you !

  • Freshly cooked rice made from "Akita-Komachi"

    Our gohan(cooked rice) is using rice named "Akita-Komachi" which has sweetness and elasticity, known for catch phrase of "Akita-Komachi grows beautiful woman".
    It is a famous rice of Akita prefecture which has gained the highest evaluation in rice flavor ranking.

  • Akita's unique smoked pickles "Iburigakko"

    It is said that the place originated Akita's traditional pickles 'Iburigakko' is Yamauchi Village (now Yokote City).
    Please enjoy the texture and the smoky smell that spreads in your mouth as you chew.

  • Hotel-made "Special Curry"

    Try our "Special Curry", it is tasty and bit spicy.
    Having the curry and "Akita-Komachi" rice together would be nice.

    ◆ Effect of having curry in the morning◆ 
    It will wake up the body, the brain will be activated, etc.

  • "Egg dish" made with local, fresh eggs

    Taste our egg dish made with local, fresh eggs.

  • Hotel-made "Gyoza" - Steamed dumplings

    Hand-made,hand-wrapping gyoza.
    Please take them out hot from seiro; Japanese steamer.
    You don't have to worry eating it in the morning because it doesn't include garlic.

  • Nostalgic 'Bin-Gyunyu' - Milk in a bottle

    Previously "Bin-Gunyu" was normal in Japan, but now it is not made much. It makes Japanese feel nostalgic.
    Drinking directly from the bottle is recommended! You will feel the rich scent, pleasant and cold mouthfeel.