The wedding ceremony to make sure the bonds with new family

The time surrounded with happiness is here in Yokote Central

Chapel "Le Lien"


Our chapel "Le Lien" is named under the French word having the meaning of "bonds" or "connection".

The exterior has the image of the cathedral in Florence, Italy.
And the interior has a Gothic arch shaped wooden pillar and warm atmosphere.

The biggest charm point is the slope of 10 meters from the back of the altar to the entire virgin road.
While the bride walking along for 60 seconds, she will remember the old days, thank for her parents, dream her future. It will be a rich time for both bride & groom and the attendants.

  • Wedding at  the chapel

    Wedding at the chapel "Le Lien"

    Many women dream to walk along a virgin road, in white dress with long back train.
    Your dream comes true, here you can do that, walking along for 60 seconds to the altar.
    The attendance will stare you warmly and a strong bond between you and them will develop as you walk.

    ♥The choir, the flower shower from the attendance will bless you purely and nobly.

  • Nonreligious Wedding

    Nonreligious Wedding

    Instead of swearing marriage to God or Buddha, you will swear to the attendants you invited.
    They become the witnesses of your marriage and bless you from their heart.

    ♥You can make your own personal wedding not bound by rules or traditions.
    How about to have a guest-participating production such as "ring relay" or "unity candle" ?

  • Wedding  according to Shinto rites

    Wedding according to Shinto rites

    The formal Shinto wedding ceremony is held at the shrine, but you can also have it at the hotel.
    So it is easy to move to the banquet hall after the ceremony.

    ♥We can hold the high grade, authentic ceremony with Japanese tradition.
    If you have a wedding ceremony in Japan, this ceremony would be good for you. You will be beautiful in kimono.