Gorgeous banquets at Yokote Central Hotel
make your important gathering more fulfilling.

Whether it is a family event or a large gala, we will make your gathering the best.
Enjoy your special day with the hospitality of us, Yokote Central Hotel.

Seasonal Banquet Plans

Plans for Various Events, Gatherings

Banquet Halls and Rooms

Meals for Funeral / Memorial Meeting / Buddhist Memorial Services


We will deliver dishes suitable for Funeral, Memorial meeting or Buddhist memorial.
Sophisticated cuisine from Yokote Central hotel will make guest's heart peaceful.
Meals for sudden situation will be accepted on a 24-hour system.

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Meals Delivery


How about having the hotel cuisine in your home, office or school ?
If you serve the hotel’s dishes, you will be admired by your guests and they are filled with joy.
In addition to package plans, we will prepare obento tailored to your budget and wishes.

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